19th November 2016

More than just a pretty face

what you should expect from a groom as standard

As proud parents we all want our furry children to look amazing and turn heads and a groomer will always strive to acheive that for their customer.  However the first priority of any groomer should be the health and wellbeing of the Dog.  Whoever you choose to groom your dog this is what you should be looking for as standard.


Nails clipped and Pads clear of hair




Pad on arrival at Tip Tops




Hair and matts removed from one pad




Pads having been cleared by Tip Tops

Clear pads are really important for dogs for many reasons.  First and foremost if pads aren't cleared of hair they will develop knots these knots will trap debris such as gravel - how far would you like to walk with a stone in your shoe?


In addition to this an overgrown pad causes havoc on laminate, tiled or vinyl flooring with dogs unable to grip the floor, slipping can lead to easily avoidable injuries.

Look for a clean and hair free ear canal




Ears on arrival at Tip Tops



Hair removed from one ear





Ears plucked and cleaned

It is really important that ears are kept clear of hair and clean.  Ear infections lead to a lot of discomfort for your dog and increased vets bills for you.  Keeping your dogs ears clear should be a basic service from your dog groomer don't be embarrased to check the ears when collecting your dog from the groomer or ask you groomer before booking an appointment if this service is included as standard.  Most dogs really like having their ears plucked - they certainly enjoy the benefits.


Nails, pads and ears are the basics at Tip Tops whatever service you have be it a bath and fluff dry or a full groom. The pictures in this blog are from a dog who is very well cared for by their owner and is groomed every 4-6 weeks this was his first visit to Tip Tops for a groom that was 25% less expensive than his previous groomer.  


29th October 2016

A good groom depends on trust and building a relationship with your Dog

Prior to becoming a groomer I had a long and succesful career in many areas and at many levels of customer service.  The thing that I attribute to my sucess was my ability to make big relationships quickly.  The relationship we have with our customers is extremely important and is based on trust.  This is never more important than when you are taking your special dog to a groomer for the first time. Becoming a groomer was a dream come true for me - I love dogs and can't think of a better way to spend my time.


On your first visit to Tip Tops expect an extra 30 minutes or so added on to your groom time.  This is the time that I spend to bond with your pet.  This may be a short walk with Frank and Ted or a play and a cuddle with me if your dog does not particulary like other dogs or you prefer them not to be walked.  


I will be getting up close and very personal with your furry friend so it is imperative that we get to know each other a little bit first.

The pictures above is of Frank and Ted with a new visitor to TipTops today Bella a jackapoo, after a nice walk on a cold and frosty morning the 3 became the best of friends. Despite never having visited a grooming salon before 18 month old Bella was a joy to groom.

Pictures of the walk

The beautiful Bella after her groom

29th October 2016

Buckley's play date and full groom at Tip Tops

My day at Tip Tops by Buckley Jenkins - Cavapoo aged 3

My day started when Mrs Tip Top turned up in her car to collect me.  I don't really like cars and am really nervous but my Mum told Mrs Tip Top all about it so she put me next to her and stroked and reassured me all the way so I was fine.  When we got to Tip Tops Frank and Ted were there to meet me,  we hit it off straight away and I tucked in to their breakfast when they weren't looking.   Mr Tip Top was in bed - apparently he has a very serious illness called "Man Flu"  so I ran upstairs and got into bed with him, He said "hello are you Buckley" and gave me a big cuddle.  


After my double breakfast and cuddle with Mr Tip Top we all went out for a walk, it was raining but we didn't care.  Mrs Tip Top  said I could get as muddy as I liked as I was being groomed later




We went to Eatock Lodge, there were loads of other dogs there I was a little bit shy at first but it wasn't long before I was running about making lot's of new friends

When we eventually got back to Tip Tops I had a health check, Mrs Tip Top put me on the scales, plucked the hair out of my ears and cleaned them- I liked that it tickled and now my ears are clear they can breathe as a spaniel cross with  drop ears I am prone to ear infections so ear health is really important.  Next I had my nails trimmed nice and short including my dew claws.  In addition to this all the hair was cleared from my pads, this stops me getting painful mats and little stones stuck in my paws it also helps me grip - laminate flooring and tiles are a nightmare with hairy pads.  When Mrs Tip Top had cleaned and clipped my hygiene areas (under arm, groin and bottom) it was time for a bath.


I had a nice warm shower and good scrub with Avacado and Watercress shampoo Tip Tops only use all natural products they smell gorgeous.  Because I got so mucky in the park I had a second shampoo  a special whitening shampoo as Mrs Tip Top said I had a lovely white coat and it would make it very pretty


After the bath I was wrapped up in a warmed bath robe and towelled dry, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at this point but after my fluff dry I felt warm and cozy and l iooked twice my size as my coat was brushed and dried, a good fluff dry is essential to a good groom.




My Mum wanted me cut like a Teddy Bear, to keep my fluffyness but in a way where it would be easy to keep my coat brushed and tangle free. Here I am with a beautiful bow tie feeling handsome and proud











All dressed up in my Haloween outfit readly to go trick and treating




I have had a lovely day with Frank and Ted at Tip Tops I am washed smell like a prince and ready waiting for my lift home

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